Online Advertising and Web Traffic

Our online advertising service has become a leading solution for online advertising and web traffic.

No Online Advertising, No Web Traffic!

There is no web traffic if you don't use an online advertising service. Most people think organic traffic is the main option, so they do SEO all the time. Somehow, as our experiences shows us, Search Engines are not the main as they appear to you. Placing a banner ad on a high traffic website can generate you thousands of visitors. Unlike a search engine, a small banner can send you a massive traffic within few hours. We have thousands of high traffic websites and we always advertise our clients on those websites at our first. It's your time to create your online ads with us!

Online Advertising and Web Traffic

Google Adwords Vs Facebook Ads

It is simple as ABC. Google Adwords will advertise you on their Search Engine and Facebook will advertise you on their Social Media pages. But do not forget one thing. Google owns YouTube, Google+ and thousands of publishers from everywhere in the world. Of course, Facebook owns Instagram. The point is, they have their own audience and you should decide where to go. So, we help you to research data related to your online business, and our consultation will guide you to start a profitable outcome from both Facebook and Google.

Online Ads

Online Ads Price List

Service NamePrice
1000 Visitors From FacebookC$ 45.00
1000 Likes from FacebookC$ 36.00
1000 Shares from FacebookC$ 63.00
Facebook Page Maintenance per dayC$ 18.00
Facebook ads consultation per hourC$ 27.00
1000 Visitors from Google SearchC$ 45.00
1000 backlinks from Google SearchC$ 18.00
5 web pages to the top of Google searchC$ 90.00
Google Search management per dayC$ 18.00
Google Search Console submissionC$ 9.00
Google Search and Analytics setupC$ 9.00
Google Adwords management per dayC$ 18.00
Google Adwords consultation per hourC$ 27.00
Optimization tips and reportsC$ 18.00
Blacklist removal and domain white-listingC$ 90.00
10,000 unique, Geo-targeted visitorsC$ 9.00
10,000 unique, direct visitorsC$ 9.00