Paid To Click Ads

Paid to click (PTC) ads are cheaper than any other ad networks. Somehow, the effectiveness can be cheap with this.

Paid To Click (PTC) ads are cheaper

You can save your advertising fees with Paid To Click (PTC) ads. Most people use Bux sites for this, but we do not recommend most of them. Sometime, Bux sites use bots (automated software or macros) to get clicks. And, Google hate Bux sites specially Adsense. We have better offers for you. Just contact to know more about Paid To Click ads.

Paid To Click Ads

PTC or traffic through Alexa Master community?

Alexa Master community has more than 100,000 active members who are specialists in SEO, Freelancing, Advertising, etc. After submitting your website there, active members will check your website manually and vote your site as Good or Bad. This traffic is better than most PTC sites who send bot traffic.


PTC Ads Price List

Service NamePrice
10,000 unique, Geo-targeted visitorsC$ 9.00
10,000 unique, direct visitorsC$ 9.00

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